[Japanese Restaurant] COCORO Japanese Curry and Ramen

**Most of post in my blog is written by Japanese, but I would write English blog for Japanese food in London as lot of my friends are asking which Japanese restaurants are good in London.

I had "Ramen dinner" near to Tottenham court road last week, restaurant name is called COCORO Japanese Curry and Ramen. (We tried to have dinner in Kaneda-ya ,but already long queue for Friday night..)

COCORO has 3 branches in London and restaurant in Copic street must be most casual dinning dedicated to Curry and Ramen in their shops.

We ordered 2 Miso-ramen and 1 Tonkotsu ramen. (Looks nice and enough portion!)

I highly recommend to order Miso-ramen here, I'm bit disappointed soup of Tonkotsu-ramen and Corn should not put for Tonkotsu!!

But, we enjoyed Ramen night and budget is around £16-18 including drink and appetizer.

COCORO Japanese Curry and Ramen
25 Coptic Street
London WC1A 1NT
Tel: 020 7436 0550
Fax: 020 7935 4540
Opening hours:
Lunch Mon–Sat  12:00-15:30
Dinner  Mon–Fri  18:00-23:00
Sat  18:00-22:30 (Sunday closed)


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